The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard

Sylvia Jagla: Rise Into Your Power

February 23, 2021 Jochem Doolaard
The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard
Sylvia Jagla: Rise Into Your Power
Show Notes

Sylvia is a digital transformation consultant, yoga + meditation teacher, neuroscience ninja, and female leadership development coach certified by the University of Oxford. She is passionate about helping ambitious remote professionals sustain high-performance lives using neuroscience and mindfulness holistically.

About Sylvia

Sylvia grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Half-orphan, almost homeless at the age of 18, an immigrant (from Poland) with big dreams. After being mobbed as a very young kid, she decided to make a difference in this world. After working few years in corporate, becoming a corporate high-flyer, and eventually quitting her job to travel to India (after listening to her intuition); she finished an 1100 hr yoga, meditation, and breathing training there and has been traveling and working remotely around the world since then.

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 In this episode we talk about:

  • Building the confidence within yourself to become independent.
  • Earn an income doing what you love. 
  • How to free yourself from things that hold you back.
  • Sylvia’s DARE Method: 
  • A tool based on neuroscience and psychology to help you surpass fear, insecurity or limitations within you. 
  • How to rise into your power. 
  • Training your gut feeling and accordingly make decisions. 
  • The keys to building new habits and implement (micro) changes now.
  • Creating hardships and challenges for yourself.
  • Sustaining high performance lives in unprecedented times.
  • How to go from understanding your purpose to living your purpose on a daily basis.

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