The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard

Christine Lieu: Creating Your Bold Legacy

June 18, 2021 Jochem Doolaard
The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard
Christine Lieu: Creating Your Bold Legacy
Show Notes

In this episode Jochem interviews Christine Lieu, the expert behind CL Designs and the Brand Party Podcast, about how you can create your bold legacy. Christine is a graphic designer who's traded in climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world. She helps purpose-driven businesses create cohesive branding, web design, and social content to drive your impact and sales. As featured in Top 10 Canada Design, the Brand Party Podcast delivers fun, honest, to-the-point advice that you can implement RIGHT AWAY in your entrepreneurial journey.

About Christine
Having earned her stripes in the fast-paced media world and learned first-hand the challenges faced by startups through her own journey (sometimes the hard way!) Christine wanted to provide lean and efficient design and branding services that would free businesses to push on with what they’re best at. She's helped bootstrap startups, household brands, and pretty much everything in between.  She's been featured in Yahoo News’ Top 10 graphic designers to watch for in 2021 and has had the honour to be nominated for RBC'S Women of Influence Award two years in a row, and a Digital Publishing Award for her work on Maclean’s “Bulldog” Election Daily issue, worked as a contributing designer on the launch of the Walmart Live Better​ social campaign, covered nationally broadcasted events such as the Juno Awards and Canadian Music Week with CBC Music, and helped the House of Anesi raise over $90K on their Kickstarter campaign, while helping social impact organizations create branding and design collateral to help drive her clients’ top line.

 In this episode we talk about:

  • How to take the first steps to build your legacy
  • Communicating and showing up with integrity
  • The power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • How to build the right tribe of people around you that lit you up on a daily basis
  • Growing resilience and tenacity.
  • Overcoming barriers of shame and guilt in pursuit of your success.
  • How to reframe your definition of success and freedom.
  • What entrepreneurs can do to nail down their messaging 
  • 3 key elements to compose a mission statement that reflects who you are and the impact you want to make in the world. 
  • Ideas to determine what’s most important when starting to build a brand.

Connect with Christine
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Instagram: @_clieu  @brandpartypodcast
Pinterest: ChristineLDesign
Facebook: ChristineLDesigns

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