The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard

Lauren Russ-Constant on Exploring Identity: The act of Self Deepening

August 13, 2021 Jochem Doolaard
The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard
Lauren Russ-Constant on Exploring Identity: The act of Self Deepening
Show Notes

In this episode, Jochem interviews Lauren Russ-Constant, an NLP certified Identity Coach and Speaker about Exploring Identity; the Act of Self Deepening, and consequently how important the role of identity is in building the legacy of your dreams.

About Lauren

Lauren Russ-Constant is a Canada-based, UK-born, hyphenated human who, through identity centred work, specialises in supporting humans in knowing, choosing, and owning, all of who they are. 

Routed in neuroscience, psychology, and traditional coaching, Laurens’s practice takes a unique approach. As an accredited Coach and Strategist, she holds a number of recognized qualifications that range from Life and Success Coach, EFT Practioner, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practioner to Clinical Hypnotist. She also leans heavily on the academic and theoretical understandings of Identity, most recently graduating from Harvard University’s Self and Identity course.

She has worked with individual and institutional clients all over the world, providing one-on-one coaching and seminars. Through client work, speaking, podcasting, and writing, her interest lies in supporting people in realizing the power, joy and confidence that comes when they get to know and become the fullest version of themselves.

 Lauren is also the founder of space parties, a Toronto-based event series that connects people with therapists, coaches, healers, and future friends. 

 In this episode we talk about:

  • How Lauren changed her life from “the right way to live” to living a life that feels good to her.
  •  Quitting a job, a relationship, traveling through Southeast Asia.
  •  Moving and buying a one-way ticket from the UK to Toronto.
  •  Self-discovery versus self-deepening.
  •  The meaning of identity and having multiple identities (role identities, social identities, personal identities).
  •  3 ways to step into your identity and own more of who you truly are.
  •  The subconscious brain and abandoning & reprogramming beliefs.
  •  How to use the Anchoring Technique for more energy.
  •  EFT and removing stagnant energy.
  •  The important role identity plays in building the legacy of your dreams.
  •  Methods to escape the overthinking anxious brain.

Connect with Lauren
Instagram: @laurenaisharc 

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