The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard

Murielle Marie: How to Escape the Golden Cage

September 17, 2021 Jochem Doolaard
The Dreambuildrs Podcast with Jochem Doolaard
Murielle Marie: How to Escape the Golden Cage
Show Notes

You are working in corporate and the golden cage is keeping you stuck from what you truly want. In this episode, I talk with Murielle Marie, a certified Business & Career Coach, about getting unstuck and the steps you can take to pursue the life you have always dreamt of.

About Murielle
Murielle is a Certified Business & Career Coach Who Helps Creatives and Entrepreneurs Get Unstuck.  

Murielle calls herself a mentor to the unconventional. It’s true she has a Masters in Philosophy but that’s not all that shaped her. As a multi-passionate creative herself, she has more than 22 years of entrepreneurial experience. She’s done everything from building, growing and successfully exiting a web agency to founding start-ups, investing in cryptocurrency, and in the past 7 years creating a successful online coaching business.

As a two-times certified coach, she helps creatives & entrepreneurs get unstuck, find focus and make smart decisions about their time and money. 

Murielle specializes in mindset-focused business coaching to help you get personal goals, creative projects, portfolio careers and change-making businesses successfully kick-started or re-ignited. She’s an advocate for Smart Work™ for Creatives, and an expert in mindset for business mastery. Oh, and she has a strong belief in the power of feeling fear and doing it anyway :)

Murielle loves working with people who are creative, ambitious and multi-passionate, but who struggle with overwhelm, insecurities, lack of boundaries, perfectionism and procrastination. She helps them transform their mindset and raise their confidence, so they can finally put a plan together and take action to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

Helping people take charge and thrive as leaders is what makes Murielle get out of bed in the morning. So does unraveling the mysteries of the Universe, taking long walks around her neighborhood, rocking Blondie t-shirts on TEDx stages, and visiting libraries around the world.

In this episode we talk about:  

  • What you would really love to do with your career and life, versus being stuck in external pressures, other people’s expectations, or things that you are supposed to do.
  • How to get unstuck and figure out what your next step is.
  • The forces that keep holding you back from stepping out of the golden cage.
  • How to step out of the golden cage without falling flat on your face.
  • How to increase your level of tolerance to your insecurities, fears, and discomfort.
  • How to stop breaking promises and build a strong relationship with yourself.
  • Why your intuition is always right and 2 powerful exercises to get in touch with your intuition.

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